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A passion for technology

Sivenathi IT is a black owned and managed ICT Company that has entrenched its self in the national sphere by creating Community, Government and industrial partnerships with the ultimate goal of acquiring a recognisable and formidable independent corporate Identity.


We strive to be leaders in deployment of modern ICT backbone infrastructure and connectivity of Africa to the rest of the world.


Our Mission is to participate in creating an interconnected Africa to world standards.

Principles & Values

• Passion
• Integrity
• Good Work ethic
• Honesty
• Communication


We assist our clients across the IT spectrum. Enabling a fast & Reliable Networking or Security Infrastructure at the Enterprise level.

Our Equipment Inventory

OTDR Testers

Splicing Machines

Road Side Reflectors


Drilling Machines

Blowing Machines

A passion for technology

Sivenathi IT provides Wireless LAN Solutions and can either add a solution to your existing conventionally wired network or implement a completely wireless network in your workplace. We can complete a full Wireless Planning survey to determine the optimal access point location, install the required cabling, Wireless Access Points, and patch to the network. A signal strength coverage map will be presented along with the test results.

Sivenathi IT has a specialized team in designing, Building and Installing structured cabling systems
that meet every clients requirements.
Our accredited and highly trained technicians offer a complete service from design and planning,
installation, testing, commissioning and hand over.

Sivenathi IT is experienced in:

Environmental impact assessment
Trenching and excavation
Duct lying
Back filling
Installing of manholes
Road traffic control
Health and safety compliance
Splicing and testing

Sivenathi IT are experienced Cabinates and patch panel installers
We can carry out a complete re-patch of your cabinet(s), and also provide services to upgrade/ change your existing communications cabinet(s), or even re-locate them if necessary.

Sivenathi IT offers Network Audit Service to assess client network cabling system.
Many networks have been built up over time and as a consequence many are not designed to
cope with the latest applications and resources. Comms rooms' organisation can lapse, leading to
a mass of spaghetti-like patching in the racks and cabinets. Bottlenecks are created and
performance restricted.

We install IP Cameras onto your existing Computer Network to allow you to view a stream of images, live or recorded, either on your Intranet or via the Internet. Some Cameras come with their own internal memory while others back up to a hard drive located within your IP (Internet Protocol) network

At Sivenathi IT we offer services of planning and installation of server rooms tailored to suite different clients. Organization and neatness is a key factor to maximum productivity and order.
We ensure neat and safe server room designs that the conforming to conventional standards. Space aeration and sufficient cooling mechanisms are built into our minds right from the planning phase of the final structural configuration of server rooms.

Sivenathi Management has an intense experience on installing of intelligent cabled and wireless boardroom/ Conference communications systems. We configure and install conference room's communication and audio systems tailored to the clients needs.

Sivenathi IT are accredited video conferencing facilities installers. Our technicians are qualified to install different makes of Video Conferencing systems. Systems shall be installed and tested before it is handed over to the client. After sells services are offered for quality maintenance.

Sivenathi is an accredited installer of a number of ACASA approved PABX Systems ranging
from.: Brands such as Siemens, Samsung, Hymax, Aristel, Xietel, Opera, Ayaya, Mitel,
Panasonic, Ericson and Phillips.

We install inverters to client's needs and affordability.

A wideband radio frequency technique developed by the military for use in reliable, secure, mission-critical communications systems.

Jobs Done
Trained Technicians
Customer Satisfaction


Our technicians are constantly sent to internal and external training in various network installation codes from Trenching, data point's installation, fibre optics, routers and switches installations, cabinets and server room environment. Our Technicians as well as the company are accredited by external trainers for the various disciplines.

Our Clients

Trusted Installers of global brands

Trust Us with your IT Infrastructure.